The main objective of the LIFE PST SORT project is to demonstrate an innovative dry Post-Shredding Technology (PST) aiming to recover secondary raw materials from Automotive Shredder Residues (ASR) at an industrial scale (0.8 to 8.0 t/h) with a high replication and transferability rate.

The specific objectives to be achieved are as follows:

  • To drive greater resource efficiency by increasing the sorting performance of End-of-Life-Vehicle (ELV) waste and avoiding landfilling, contributing to the achievement of the 2015 targets of the Directive 2000/53/EC (ELV Directive).
  • To validate the sorting capacity of the solution with real-scale ASR streams at a demonstration plant, recovering plastics, small metals, glass, pieces of integrated circuit boards, fibres, etc.
  • To contribute to the sustainability of the automotive industry by offering a reliable solution capable to deal with any ASR stream, regardless the origin even in the future scenario where the expected share of light components is to be increased

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