Demonstration plant for the recovery of metals from the shredding residues of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs), most of which are currently landfilled
Did you know that 88% of ferrous metals and 87% of non-ferrous metals from shredded ELV are being recovered in the demonstration and replication operations of the LIFE PST SORT project?

The purity levels correspond to around 85% of both streams. The applied technology consists of machine vision coupled with inductive sensors, with signals processed through artificial intelligence enhanced by deep learning. Ferrous and non-ferrous streams may be furtherly purified with the same optical and sensor-based sorting equipment or with other existing solutions. At the same time, the LIFE PST SORT solution achieves recoveries of 92% of printed circuit boards (PCBs) from the same feedstock (currently, in Europe, more than 90% of PCBs from ELVs are being sent to incineration or landfilling).

The LIFE PST-SORT has an impact on environmental care since its innovative solution affects directly in its high levels of throughput & recovery as well as easy integration into existing ELV shredding and recycling facilities.
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