Pyro-gasification for energy recovery from RDF produced by the LIFE PST SORT plant
One of the results of the LIFE PST SORT sorting process of shredded ELV refuse corresponds to the production of RDF containing plastics, polyurethane, rubber and fibrous material (textile, paper and cardboard). The material stream characterized as RDF (SRF) may be treated for energy recovery by means of incineration (combustion in the presence of oxygen), pyrolysis (thermochemical transformation in the absence of oxygen) or gasification (thermochemical transformation with low oxygen requirement). A RDF stream, with 10% moisture content, may thus lead to the production of pyro-gasification syngas with hydrogen contents between 10% to 20%, and thermal calorific value of around 4.5 MWth per ton of feedstock. This would result in lower CO2 production compared to combustion (incineration) and the possibility of recovery of liquid condensed fuels.
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