After-LIFE project: objectives
The LIFE PST SORT project reaches its final development and demonstration phase in October 2021. From November this year, the After-LIFE phase will start with the following objectives:

•    To provide companies and organizations with a high-performance solution for the recovery of recyclable materials contained in ASR streams, with industrial production levels and a return on investment cost in a short period of time.
•    To provide companies and organizations with a technological and industrial solution for the recovery of RDF contained in ASR streams and for the real-time evaluation of the contents of the RDF stream.
•    Validation of technical and economic proposals through the project's demonstration plant.
•    Elaboration of business models that include the promotion, sale, and exploitation of the LIFE PST SORT solution, either through the product referring to the complete process line or to the individual separation and optical analysis equipment.
•    Providing a technological and industrial solution that meets the objectives set out in the European Directive ELV 2000/53/EC as well as the objectives required by the EU in future directives.
•    Training of people involved in the operation of this type of solution, as well as process designers and process line construction companies.
•    Attendance of people with technical training and the general public who wish to learn about the LIFE PST SORT technological solution as well as the opportunities for recovery of recyclable materials in ELV waste streams and other waste streams of interest to them.
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